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Your South Luangwa Safari

Flatdogs is the closest camp to the Mfuwe main gate of South Luangwa National Park. All our South Luangwa safari activities are led by a fully-qualified guide, and include morning drives, night drives, and walking safaris.

The professionalism and skills of our guides are what get you to the best sightings with the fewest number of humans around. We normally limit numbers to six guests per vehicle and our guides use their guiding skills, not their radios, to find the game. You might sit listening to the sounds of the bush, alone in the wilderness, when the guide hears an alarm call. What better way to find a leopard?

The South Luangwa is one of the few parks in Africa to allow night drives, and the guides’ knowledge of animal behaviour really pays off after dark. Knowing where predators might hunt, which other predators might be around to take advantage, and how to ensure we don’t interfere with the normal behaviour of these animals is crucial to your enjoyment.

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walking safaris

Walking and Driving Safaris

For most of the year, depending on the weather, we are able to offer walking safaris. These are a fascinating, more detailed view of the park ecology and of the wildlife. It is also a chance to dive more deeply into dung, or ultimately, to track game on foot either using spoor or with a little help from birds and animals who 'alarm' in the presence of predators. Walks last three to four hours and are commonly taken in the morning when it’s cooler. We also offer a drive/walk combination of a two-hour walk with a two-hour drive.

Our morning drives leave camp at 06h00 and last for at least four hours. Night drives depart at 16h00 and return at around 20h10 when the national park is closed to all vehicles. We use a fully-equipped 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser with radio so they are in contact with Flatdogs in case of emergency. Private self-drive vehicles may enter the park from 06h00 to 18h00 daily.